If you don't know this name by now, you should. Kitty is a good friend of mine and has done a Blog Takeover for me here at Talk Casuals before. 

As I'm always saying, supporting our locals is something we pride ourselves on here at Talk Casuals, and everyone wants to see their friends succeed too.

Kitty is the most hardworking and humble person I have ever come across. She's constantly blogging for and managing myself and the rest of the team over at The Unisex Mode, being the Concession Manager for Jennifer Hope Clothing in Topshop's flagship Oxford Circus store, a rapper song-writer and a 24/7 babe. 

Kitty is going to be releasing a new single and a music video very soon! I know more than most how excited she is to share it with you, but she is making the video all off her own back and so she needs your support! 

Head over to, pick up a tee and be a part of the making of a killer video!


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