The Colour Collective aren't a new name to Talk Casuals, and for good reason. This is a brand with a lot of great people behind it and I love nothing more than supporting a brand that puts in the hard work.

You'll remember The Colour Collective from our Talk Brands collective and I have been closely following the growth of the brand. I am so impressed with this collaboration, I really love the print which combines together the two iconic illustrations of both brands.

I caught up with Levi Thomas from The Colour Collective again before the first drop of the new collaboration with DroneBoy tomorrow.

Click Read More to read our chat and to see the pieces available tomorrow!

Who are The Colour Collective?
The Colour Collective is a UK brand for those that appreciate quality pieces and well thought out illustrations with strong colour themes

"We control the night"
Who is DroneBoy?
Droneboy is a welsh brand with a strong musical culture and history following behind, great illustrations and messages are portrayed in his clothing and is very respected in the street wear community.

How did The Colour Collective X DroneBoy collaboration come about?
Droneboy is one of my personal UK favourites, I've been tight with the owner David for some time now and we both agree'd it was over due as we have wanted to do it for some time now, I had some ideas that reflected both of the labels well in terms of illustration style and so on both using punch lines, great illustration and putting our own personality into things it all works very well! 

How would you describe it in 3 words?
Colourful, powerful, real

What is your favourite piece from the Part 1 drop?
From the Part 1 drop, I couldn't pick, both designs are great!

What can we expect from Part 2? Part 2 will be darker and will consist of two pieces!

Part 1 of The Colour Collective X DroneBoy collaboration will be available tomorrow online. This is a limited release so be fast, shipping worldwide so pick one up! Follow and keep up to date via Instagram: @thecolourcollective/ @droneboy and Facebook! Go and like their pages here and here! Make sure you like our Facebook Page whilst you're there!


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