Dream But Do Not Sleep are an independent UK streetwear brand with firm roots in the electronic dance music scene and a strong focus on original design, premium quality, and attention to detail.

For 2014 DBDNS have dropped their first womenswear products, along side reversible bucket hats, colourful graphic tees, cut & sew hoodies, hockey jerseys, graphic tees and full tracksuits. 
All their products are made in England. Home grown and locally sewn! I'm all about that and Talk Casuals prides itself on backing brands who are working hard independently here in the UK. The collection features contrast panelling and paisley, two of my favourite things! The collection also marks the point of our very first collaboration! The collection also plays host to the brands very first collaboration. DBDNS have teamed up with Brighton based illustrator Stephen Bush to create limited run of t-shirts. 
Check out the SS14 collection over on the website now, and click Read More for more pictures from the Lookbook and a chat with Max from DBDNS. Shot on a 35mm and featuring slush puppies and bowling alleys, the Lookbook is strictly positive vibes. 

Where did Dream But Do Not Sleep Clothing all begin?
It all began a few years ago when I printed up a couple of blank tees at college with a design which said 'dream but do not sleep'. I wore it a fair bit and it seemed to go down well so a few months later I decided to start designing t-shirts and selling them online with the brand name Dream But Do Not Sleep. The first drop included 7 tees and a sweater which really highlights how much the brand has developed since then. We're now dropping full collections of headwear, cut & sew, and womanswear. Despite this, the essence of the brand remains intact. Good quality products made with a strong attention to detail and roots in electronic dance music.

Describe your SS14 collection in 3 words?
Cut and sew.

How would you describe your personal style?
I get a lot of inspiration from 90s/early 00s hip hop videos and look books. I love the whole aesthetic and sense of authenticity of some of the brands and styles from that era. There a lot of people setting up clothing brands now and it feels like they're just doing it because it's the 'cool' thing to do. They don't understand or appreciate streetwear's roots and what setting up a clothing brand should be about. I just want to design some well made garments and sell it to the right people who understand and appreciate that instead of those who only want to buy in to this year's fad.

Your favourite piece from SS14 collection and why.
Probably the navy/carolina hoody. It's a pretty simple idea with the 2 panels, embroidered detail, and woven labels, but it's a good day to day garment. Sometimes it's nice to keep things simple.

What can we expect to see from Dream But Do Not Sleep in the future?
More cut & sew for sure. 5-panels, bucket hats, tees, sweats, and hoodies are all going to be staples in out collections for a while, but we'll be mixing things up with the choice of fabrics and the cut & sew products we have to offer. I really want to do some coach jackets with a patterned lining on the inside soon, some shorts for next summer, and some medium/heavyweight jackets at some point.

Stay up to date with Dream But Do Not Sleep Clothing through their Facebook page


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