Critics Clothing, founded by Creative Director Samanah Duran, have just released their their new AW14 collection. The collection plays host to a selective palette, but who can argue with monochrome?! Featuring inspiration from catwalk trends with a mixture of textures, including my favourites - leather, and mesh, Critics Clothing have created monochrome designs that fit perfectly with London’s street style movement.

The collections main inspiration was derived from Samanah’s travels to the West Coast of America and her discovery of Mayan art. The Quetzal feathered crown, once worn by Mayan kings features as the brands logo and celebrates strength and power- characteristics that mirror the designer’s strong personality and enhance the brand’s image. You can definitely see how this brand is developing and maturing from previous seasons.

This season’s highlights, and my favourite pieces, include bodysuits and cropped tees for us ladies. But I'm always partial to a good graphic tee and this collection doesn't let me down! With a combination of bold prints and intricate designs, I definitely think this release is a big one, ticking all the right boxes for AW trends!

Check out some more pictures below and head over to Critics Clothing to pick up some of the collection!


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