So if you have been anywhere near the Talk Casuals Facebook page, my personal Instagram and Twitter, or just been keeping up with posts here on the blog, the #lovemyhood project won't be new to you!

The evening of 20th November saw the private launch of the exhibition for the London stage of Bench's #lovemyhood campaign. The campaign celebrates the hood, which has been an integral piece of each and every Bench collection since they began back in Manchester in the late 1980’s.  Check out my previous post here to read a little more about the campaign. 

Hosted at Hoxton Basements, I was in absolute awe when I stepped into the exhibition. Instant good vibes and the final portraits all looked insane! I was so impressed! It also felt a little strange seeing myself in A0 and twice over! But saying that, it was so great seeing the final products for mine and Rebel Yuth's collaboration in the flesh!

Big thank you to all the Canoe Inc. team for involving me and my blog in the Bench campaign! It's been so much fun and I've met some absolutely great people in the process! Click Read More to check out some of the pictures I took at the exhibition! 

If you haven't already click here to get involved in the #lovemyhood competition! 



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