You're probably thinking, "What is 'up-cycling?", well up-cycling is a process - a design method that involves taking old vintage pieces, adapting and transforming them, and giving them a new lease of life. Far more than just a concept, up-cycling above all marks a significant environmental choice. It's also, let’s not forget, a display of genuine creative vision, a desire to surpass an item’s original purpose and out of it to create something that is infinitely more beautiful and unique. 

With a firm eye on the future, Who’s Next and Premiere Classe have invited seven promising young designers to take part in an up-cycling styling exercise as part of the (RE)CREATE project.

In line with the theme of this season’s trade show, the designers all share one common DNA: their Mediterranean roots. Working hard to create their mini capsule-collections of twenty pieces each, these 7 young talents were given free reign to explore the incredible playground that is the EUREKA FRIPE stock warehouse in Rouen, best known for its emblematic shopwindow at Kiliwatch Paris. This enormous 25,000m2 warehouse holds around 3,500 tonnes of second-hand clothing stock and is a supplier to some of the world’s best vintage clothing stores. 

Kiliwatch Paris has teamed up with the trade shows for the occasion. (RE)CREATE lets us take another look at the influence of these limited edition designs on the contemporary fashion scene. For a whole day, the designers were plunged into this vast sea of garments, tasked with recovering hidden treasures to customise. 

The Who's Next exhibition runs from the 2nd - 5th September and the Kiliwatch Paris Pop-Up shop will be open from 1st September - 2nd October.

Find out more about the designers here and check out the (RE)CREATE video below!


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