British sportswear brand Reebok Classic has partnered with Anaïs Gallagher to celebrate the release of its 90's inspired FW17 apparel collection. 

A rising model, fashionista, influencer and daughter of Noel Gallagher and Meg Matthews, who has firmly established her place on London’s youth scene, Anaïs is the perfect partner to champion the brand’s rich heritage and modern relevance. 

“I’m so excited to be fronting the new Reebok campaign. I’ve always loved Classics and have grown up wearing the brand throughout secondary school, so to be in the new apparel campaign is a dream for me,” said Anaïs. “Reebok has a lot of heritage and has always been at the forefront of music and trainer culture, so the new collection is very 90s inspired, but also has a very on-trend, street-orientated direction.” 

The nostalgic collection featuring a series of statement separates, colour blocking and bold logo design, the extensive apparel range is made up of iconic silhouettes that have come to characterise the decade, along with Reebok Classic’s era-defining vector logo. 

Made famous in 1996, the vector was initially designed for football legends of the day, but quickly represented much more than just training apparel and was adopted by multiple subcultures and movements. Now modernised for a new generation, the FW17 collection consists of full tracksuits, hoodies and sweatshirts executed in signature colours of red, white and blue, forming an easy-to-wear wardrobe that encapsulates 90s style through a contemporary lens.

Shot against the rural backdrop of Hampstead Heath, the campaign sees Anais model the collection with standout head-to-toe looks and more understated yet fashion forward combinations that can be seamlessly integrated into any fall/winter wardrobe. 

To honour the release of the new collection, Reebok Classic teamed up with Anaïs to help represent the authenticity and integrity that the brand stands for. Dedicated to presenting a fresh and inspiring point of view, Reebok Classic strives to support those who go against the grain and create their own path in life, a commitment which comes to life through partner Anaïs. 

The Reebok Classic FW17 collection is available at selected retailers and online at Reebok and Topshop.

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