In the hope of a long stretch of decent weather, I felt it only right to have a browse and see what I can replace my pants and jeans with. The one main thing that I found when looking is that, sometimes, menswear is SO much smarter than womenswear.

I've pulled together 5 pairs of shorts that I'd love to have for summer, so if you're stuck for what to get, here are some of my favourites. 

In no particular order, first up are these absolutely gorgeous Barbour Shorts with Pheasant Embroidery

I'm so into the allover prints that have been surfacing in the S/S13 collections of a lot of brands, and this pair are one of my favourites.  An easy pair to match up with any outfit, and despite being a mens pair of shorts I could definitely see myself in these, but there are no sizes below a 30W on ASOS which is a shame.... I say that, but it's not like I could afford these even if they were in my size! 

Retailing at a steep, but justifiable price of £119 on ASOS.com, you're definitely paying for quality. The detailing on these shorts is just insane, but even with my 10% student discount these are very much a pipe dream!

If like me, your summer short budget doesn't stretch to Barbour price tags, but you want something similar, then these Farah Vintage Shorts with Fish Hook Print are perfect! 

Available in a deep blue, burgandy red, and also (my least favourite) yellow, so you can't go wrong with these. The print of these is just as smart as the embroidery on the Barbour shorts, but with a price tag of only £55.00, they're undoubtedly the more desirable option (especially with student discount). These pairs are available at ASOS.com, ARK and Size? as well as other retailers.

Remaining consistent with the allover print vibe I seem to be rolling with here, next are these Rockwell by Parra Ostrich swim shorts

This pair speak for themselves really, not unlike most of the Rockwell by Parra clothing. Featuring Parra's distinctive illustrations and characters, what is there not to like about these?! At €49.00 online, I feel like these are just a no brainer! Also available at Rockwell stockists such as Well Gosh and Chimp Store. If you're not into the black, these also come in blue and red. Vibrant colours, standard!
Appealing more to my girly side now, I saw these and they are just so cute! The Chandelier Lace Shorts from ASOS are just adorable!

Floral lace overlay and scalloped edges! I love them, especially as they're currently on sale for £16! If the sun does decide to stay a reasonable stretch these are such perfect BBQ and Beer Garden shorts! Although these are only now available in a size 8, which is aggravating! 

My last pair, are a necessity in my opinion. You absolutely can't go wrong with a pair of denim shorts. I have a pair I bought of Vintage Levi Highwaisted Shorts from Urban Outfitters about 2 years ago and I still love them. They're a great investment to make and for only about £40 it's another no brainer! 

So there it is, my Top 5 shorts for the summer. If I could I'd have every pair but I'm a student and even with my job I'm skint. At least one pair will be making an appearance in my summer wardrobe though so keep an eye out! 

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