This is the first instalment of a collective of posts that will be going up over the next couple of months. Here at Talk Casuals we like to help promote all up and coming UK based talent of all types, whether that includes music, fashion or anything else that was born and bred in the UK! 

This collection of posts aims to get to know some of our home grown brands a little deeper, and to hopefully inspire any budding minds to get out there and be creative too! 

The first brand owner we're going to be getting up close and personal with is Jennifer Hope Wheeler of Jennifer Hope Clothing. If you live in London or Bristol you will most definitely be no stranger to this brand. Since March 2013 Jennifer Hope launched a concession in Topshop! A massive congratulations is in order, having your brand in the window of Topshops flagship branch in London Oxford Circus is jaw-dropping!

Where did Jennifer Hope Clothing all begin and what made you want to run your own brand?
I started in Bristol following my degree in fashion/textile design, but I started a clothing company before I went to uni so I knew it was my aim along. I knew I needed more skills to be able to become successful therefore went to uni.

How would you describe Jennifer Hope?
Jennifer Hope is a variety of adjectives from simple to detailed, bright to monochrome, neon to pastel. I like to think of it as easy to wear, comfortable fashion yet stand outs, kind of a bollocks to the no pain no gain in fashion. Eff wearing 5 inch heels all day to try look good, sometimes fashion looks better when its more comfortable and worn at ease.
We have a mixture of prints from extremely detailed digital print to one colour logo print tops so everything can be worn together. I wanted girls to have a streetwear brand of their own instead of having to wear tshirts directed and designed for men we have our own. 

What is your favourite piece from your collection?
My new brown and mint green snake skin leggings I’ve just released in Topshop. I bloody love them!

If you could sum up your brand in 3 words, what would they be?
Bright, detailed yet easy

What for you has been the highlight of running Jennifer Hope Clothing to date?
Probably opening a concession within Topshop. I think big companies like Topshop giving little brands like mine a chance to sell within their walls is a blessing. It gives us the platform to grow and progress in the world, I owe a lot to Topshop.

What do you do outside Jennifer Hope Clothing?
Haha.. urm. My work is my life. But if I ever have free time you’ll find me in Bristol rollin around the streets of Stokes Croft. HA jokes…:/

What is your favourite clothing brand, other than your own?
Diamond Supply. I love the Diamond blue and black combination they have in most of their designs. Also my best friends at 5050store in Bristol just did an amazing collaboration with them.
When it comes to my favourite other concession within Topshop it has to be Ragged Priest, they are constantly killing it with every collection they bring out and I bloody love all the girls that work for them at Topshop London, Top lads! 

Favourite brand of footwear?
Nike. Some could say this could be quite predictable at this current time however I’ve always loved my Nike trainers, I own a lot just not enough.. yet.

Who would you most like to do a collaboration with and why?
High end fashion I would love to do a collaboration with Mary Katrantzou as her print design is incredible.
I’d love to do collaborations with Ragged Priest and Hype when it comes to other concessions. Nike would be my dream collaboration though for sure.

What can we expect to see from Jennifer Hope in the future?
Hopefully in and around more cities, international would be pretty sick. But to be honest I’m definitely at a nice level at the moment, but to the point I think everything thinks I’m comfortable where I am but you gotta keep supporting or I won’t be here for much longer.

What, in your opinion, is the best thing about running your own brand?
I get to do my dream job. 

What advice would you give to someone who may want to start their own brand?
Work bloody hard it isn’t easy. I found stuff that I did when I was say 15 helped me now when I’m 24, like meeting certain friends that have helped me along the way. You have to be dedicated and live it, it can’t just be a job. It’s a way of life.

Anything else you'd like to add?
Keep the support coming! Go buy stuff from Topshop in Oxford Circus or Bristol, Cabot Circus, I’m like a little gold fish in a big pond there and I need to show these guys that little gold fish can live in such environments.

Jennifer Hope is available on, at Topshop Oxford Circus and Bristol, ASOS Marketplace and Big Cartel.

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