I would like to introduce to you, our latest contributor here at Talk Casuals - James Cage. Check out our interview with him to find out what he's all about. Make sure you keep an eye out for his new posts coming up over the next few weeks. But for now, check his guest post here.

Tell us a little about you...
Well I'm 28yrs old from the northwest, I'm a Rope Access NDT inspector working mainly on oil rigs around the world, due to having a lot of time off I have got a few projects that I'm dedicating a lot of time to while I'm off work.   

When did you start getting into trainers and streetwear?
I suppose I'm quite new to the whole trainer collecting thing, I got into it all around 2010 and the more involved I got the more I learnt about the culture and the fact there is a huge community around the world who all have the same passion as what I was developing. 
I had always been a Nike brand fan since I can remember I once bought the original Grey Jordan 4's from Trafford centre Footlocker for £50 on sale, I kept them boxed and had no idea on there value I sold them years later on eBay for £60 'Buy it now', let's say if I could turn back time I would.
Streetwear I can't say I'm massively involved with. I like what I like and I just roll with that - anything goes and I don't think you should define yourself to one style, if your whole persona is based on the fact you have one set of clothes then I think your a bit boring. 

Whats your favourite trainer of all time?
I can't just have one favourite because style and trainers are constantly evolving and bringing out new colurways everyday.
All time favourites are ones I don't even own, Jordan 3 'True Blue'. Reason being I had an Eminem poster back in the day and he had them on, always wanted a pair but still have never got round to getting them. 

What trainer are you most looking forward to this year?
Well this year I have dropped the idea of being loyal to Nike only and started to buy other brands, reasons being that I feel the price is not worth the quality and other brands are. 
Asics is something new to me, I have just bought the Gel Lyte 3 "Haters" and I'm loving them, so I think I'm going to get involved with a lot more of these. 

How would you describe your style? And if any, who are your style inspirations?
My style has drastically changed over the past year, I used to rock a band hoody and jeans pretty much all the time, because that's what I was involved with and I could not see past that, now my whole life has turned around I have a different view on things and clothing is a new thing for me to explore. I don't know if I have a style I just buy things I like, I love plain things not to fussy or big brands stamped all over the item.
A few people who really inspired me to change what I wear is Nickeleson Wooster, I came across this guy on the net and really liked what he had on, he's always immaculately dressed.
The other inspiration is Scott Disick, I was introduced to the Scott via some YouTube clips and he instantly applied to me, and about 30 minutes later I made myself a Lord, but what he wears most of the time is brilliant. Some of his contrasting colours are a bit wacky and I probably wouldn't try that.

Anything else you'd like to add?
If anyone had made it all the way through my small interview and is now reading this then I suppose I should add a thank you for taking the time to read this.
And if I can influence anyone out to go out tomorrow and do something nice for a stranger or maybe just a smile, say good morning, hold a door open actively make a effort to be nice, let's try make it cool to be polite and show respect for others it costs nothing. 

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(PS: He's the only guy in the UK with Paranormans, so that's definitely worth a follow...)


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