You should know by now that here at Talk Casuals we are very much all for supporting your local talent. Whether that be local events, local brands or local artists, we like to help support any way we can, so let me introduce to you, The Thirst

The Thirst are a 4-piece band based in Brixton, London. They've toured all over the world with their unique ‘electric groove’ sound, supporting the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Sex Pistols & The Libertines and sharing stages with Kano & Wiley.

I met The Thirst's rhythm guitarist Mark at the Fresh Laces X Harvey Nichols event back in July, and I got back in touch with him after giving the band a listen. I'm really into their music, they have such a feel good vibe, it was kind of infectious! So, naturally, I had to have them on the blog to spread the word!

Here's their new viral video for "Dancing Shoes" with home-made footage from their Ibiza tour...

Click 'Read more' for our interview with the boys and to find out about that time they got arrested at gunpoint after a show....

How did you all meet and when did you decide to start a band together?
Marcus: At Galaxy High… 

Kwame: Mensah and I are brothers, I've known Mark since the first day of primary school. Marcus went to the same secondary school as Mark.  

Mark: We all linked back up a couple years after secondary hanging out doing graffiti and other foolishnessWe use to Dj / Mc together and sometime's would sing funny songs on the keyboard or guitar, til one day we thought some of these tunes were actually alright. The band formed shortly after that.  

How would you describe The Thirst?

MensahFun, danceable, thought provoking music that can bring people together. 

Who are your main influences music-wise?

Mensah: Jimmy Hendrix, The Clash, garage, DnB.
Kwamebob marley, foo fighters & living colour 

Mark: Grover Washington Jr, The Isley brothers, Rare groove 

MarcusRed hot chilli peps, Chuck Berry, Nile Rogers… there's to many names to mention 

If you all had to listen to one artist for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?

Marcus: Nina Simone because she sounds like she means it when she sings.

Mensah: James Brown because his collection so eclectic 

What has been the most memorable gig for you and why?

Kwame: It has to be our tour of Japan. It was our first headline tour and the japanese fans were sick they wouldn't applaud until the last note had ended and there was absolute silence. 

MarcusSupporting Rolling stones on a beach.. because it was supporting the Rolling stones on a beach..

Whats the craziest thing thats happened to you whilst you've been playing a show/on tour?

Kwame: Getting arrested at gun point by 40 armed officers 2 helicopters and four police dogs has got to be up there

Mark: Bring caught in the massive Earthquake that hit Chile 2010 while playing a festival there.  

How would each of you describe your style? What are your favourite clothing brands/stores/websites?

Marcus: Fresh cool cucumber…

Mark: Afro-Eductional Brian nickson and by
ferial are two designers from the Netherlands they make sick clothes. I also like Ragged Priest   

What do you do outside of The Thirst?

MensahI enjoy going for runs and keeping fit also love to travel 

KwameI dont have a lot of time out of the thirst but when i do i walk my dog, eat & sleep.

MarcusOutside of the Thirst I produce and make more music. I also have a recent interest and have embarked upon interior design and architecture

MarkDrawing, Skating, cycling, I swing around on bars like a monkey and generally anything active.

Did you enjoy making your new video for 'Today'?

Marcus: We loved shooting 'Today'. It was a lot of fun and the director, Mejji (the director) was really cool to work with and had good visions

Where can we expect to see the Thirst in the future and when are your next shows?

Thurs 26th Sept - Brighton – Green Door Store 
Tues 1st Oct – London – The Garage Islington 
Fri 4th Oct – Cardiff – Koko Gorilaz 
Fri 11th Oct – Paris – La Java 
Sun 13th Oct – Paris – Le Track N Art 
Sat 19th Oct - Watford – The Flag (Juicebox Birthday) 
Fri 25th Oct – London – Brixton Jamm 
Sat 9th Oct – St Albans – The Horn 

Anything else you'd like to add?

If you enjoyed our videos please feel free to support us in anyway you wish… follow, subscribe like etc. We would love to hear from you x 

Make sure you give The Thirst a follow via Twitter: @TheThirst, Instagram: @TheThirstRockBand and through their Soundcloud and  YouTube. Also, don't forget to head over to their Facebook and give their Page a Like!


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