If you've been on the world wide web recently, there is no doubt you'll have seen some of Jack Stockers (@FRESHLYSTOCKED) illustrations. If it's not a name you recognise, you should do. His angular takes on some of our favourite sneaker silhouettes strip down the shoe to its bare minimal features, but it doesn't take long to put a name to the shoe. 

It's so nice to be able to watch as Jack's illustrations and his work has progressed and evolved throughout the time I have been following him on Instagram. Seeing how it has developed starting from college work, to now be holding a full exhibition at Exposure Gallery in London.

I wanted to catch up with Jack just before the start of his exhibition, check out our mini interview...

For people who don't know, give us a little background about you. 
I have just finished a 2 year course studying graphic design, photography and textiles at Worthing 6th form college, not too far along from Brighton. I am now going to study the art and design foundation course at Brighton and give city college for one year. After this I will look in to unis to further my knowledge and skills in the design area. I have a strong interest in trainers and fashion and hope to have a career along the lines of fashion/footwear/graphic design.

When and why did you start creating your own illustrations?
Probably half way through the first year of college at Worthing after all of the artist research you have to do for the first few months. I started my own illustrations because the sooner you start, the sooner you're gonna improve and get out there.

You have a very recognisable style, it's clean and minimal which lives up to its title. The angular shapes and block colours go on to prove that less is always more. Why did you choose this technique to create your illustrations and is there anyone who has inspired you to take this approach?
I've found over the recent years of studying design subjects that a strong part of the course work is how you research other artists. You don't just get marked on researching all the same type of artists but you have to show that you are open to looking at different style that may not always interest you. That's how my designs came about. Obviously you can't say it's easy to research and look into artists that you have no interest in at all but I started to look in to it as how can I possibly use their style with in what I'm interested in. And that artist was Paul Huxley. After visiting an exhibition of his the style that continued through his work was the use of basic shapes, which I then played around with my interests and it worked.

Sneakers are clearly the dominant theme in your work. But why trainers?
They're just what have really interested me over the past 4/5 years and you could say that my interest in trainers is almost a hobby. Also people are always illustrating them in similar ways which is usually just like a 'cartoon' version of the trainer. I appreciate that fully but I just wanted to create trainers in a different way where you don't just see it as what it is but you see it as a set up of different shapes. 

Nike have been a clear favourite when it comes to your illustrations, but we have recently seen you explore other silhouettes and brands. How do you pick which trainers to create an illustration from and what is your favourite brand of footwear?
There's not much to it than me just picking the trainers that I like. I don't  necessarily own all of the trainers I illustrate, I would like to but maybe one day I will. For my illustrations it's normally the colour way that helps me pick once I have chosen the model as the colour way is what helps people recognise what shoe I have illustrated. My favourite brand is probably Nike, not to say I don't like others but I am most in to nike.

Which, to date, is your favourite illustration you've done?
Probably the Air Max 90 Infrared. That infrared colour is amazing.

How are you feeling on the run up to your exhibition?
A little bit nervous but I don't really know why. I just hope that when/if everyone sees the framed prints in person they enjoy them.

What can we expect to see from you and your work in the future?
More trainers, different brands, different models, probably work on more stuff other than trainers and as I go on to study at Brighton hopefully I will keep improving my work. 

With Jack only giving us sneak peaks of what the exhibition will bring, you'll need to get yourself down there to experience it for yourself!  We're definitely going to be passing through so go and show your support!

9th August - 1st September

Exposure Gallery 
22-23 Little Portland Street
(a couple of streets behind Nike Town)


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