For those of you who don't know, Leng Clothing is another brand featured in our Talk Brands collective. Famous for their crazy tie dye garms, their most recent collection is one you'll want to invest in!

With their tie dye hoodies being sold out for a while now, its a massive relief to know that they're back and as lary as ever!  With the weather here in the UK being unpredictable as always , its good to make sure you've got yourself a decent hoody to hand!

What better way to brighten up these murky days at the moment, than with a sick little tie dye combo! Click Read More to check out the tie dye collection.

The Return of Leng Clothing's huge tie dye range naturally hasn't arrived quietly. Check out the pieces below...

These new shirts feature the Leng graffiti tag on all 4 colourways. But if you don't reckon you're bold enough to go all out tie dye, Leng's Tie Dye Pocket T-shirt is perfect!

All orders will come with Leng stickers so get on it now! The store has just gone live so go and pick something up whilst stocks last! 


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