It's around this time that I'm starting the hunt for a new winter warmer. My Carhartt Siberian Parka served me well last year. In fact, it's served me well right up until now throughout the unpredictable British weather. 

But, I'm moving on. I need to pop the tags on a new jacket thats going to keep me toasty on these bitter mornings and keep me dry when the rain turns to snow.

I've picked out my top 3 jackets that I've seen so far, so check them out and let me know what you think!

Elka Klitmøller 1 Jacket
Danish rainwear makers Elka have been producing flexible and innovative jackets for the extremes of nature since 1958.

Elka have produced weather proof garments for policemen to deep sea fishermen and the jackets have proved a hit. This jacket is a massive £54 cheaper than the Elka Blåvand Jacket; which realistically just has more detailing and a full zipper. This jacket will definitely see me through tough storms, but is it really going to keep me warm? I'm sceptical...

Penfield Eska Down Insulated Shirt
My second choice is this Penfield insulated shirt. An insulated shirt? Is that even allowed to be in the "Jackets" category you're probably asking. Well the Eska is a jacket; constructed from durable dot print Nylon with a classic down shirt design. It adopts features found in typical formal tailoring, hence it's 'shirt' title.

You'll probably remember this piece from the "The Coldest Day" Lookbook. This is definitely warmer than the Elka; especially with the easy-to-grip snaps and fleece-lined exterior hand pockets. But it's £170 - thats a lot more than the Elka too. I think I'd prefer a similar cut to my Siberian Parka; a jacket that cuts a bit lower than the hips...maybe I should just stick with it? 

X' Anchorage Parka
My 3rd and final choice is Carhartt X' Anchorage Parka. Sticking with my Navy theme for this winter, I think I have found the perfect medium; the porridge that was just right. Maybe I was right to go back to my trusty Siberian Parkas' roots.

The Carhartt X' Anchorage Parka has everything my Siberian Parka has, except it looks loads warmer. It also has water repellent fabric which means I'm going to be dry too! Unlike both the other options, this jacket has zipper AND popper closure to make sure the cold weather can't creep in at all. It's also a jacket for women inspired by key pieces from the mens collection, which means the fit will be perfect. But typically, it's sold out in my size! Maybe next year I'll learn my lesson and start my jacket shopping sooner...

What do you have lined up as your winter jacket this year? 


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