As soon as I saw this new editorial I was excited! I felt a lot of 'girl power' wash over me and in fact, it was a little empowering seeing the ladies get a bit more recognition in the streetwear scene! The "girls in streetwear" culture seems to be peaking right now and it's great!

Despite Patta being primarily a mens brand, its not news to know that girls endorse their products and style them in a more feminine fashion. I'm always going on about how I am all for a brand with gender-blurring lines and I have always thought Patta as one of them. So, naturally I am really pleased a female dominant editorial has surfaced! 

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The editorial highlights the latest Patta Winter collection and displays the brand’s classic streetwear-type of feel with a womans touch!

Creatives Ace Dia and Violette Esmeralda conceptualized and art directed the Patta #SSS ladies editorial featuring models Sara Grabek and Georgia Palmer and was styled by Mila van der Linden. 

It's aesthetically bold and edgy and definitely gives the brand light in a fresh feminine perspective.

The collection itself, in true Patta style, seems to trump all other brands around at the moment. Their collections surpass the last every time and the quality is second to none. My favourites from this collection are the Map shirts and the allover print crews. You can shop the collection now online. Make sure you check some more pictures of the editorial below...


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