I recently came across SHOOP, a streetwear brand based in Madrid, Spain. SHOOP was founded by Yohei Oki and Miriam Sanz in 2011, and even though it might not be a brand you're familiar with just yet, I bet my life savings it won't be long until they are. They're certainly a brand to watch and there is no doubt that if they continue to produce garments like they are, they'll have us fashion junkies hooked!

Their collections have clear influences from sportswear and 90's culture; plus there is a dominant music influence throughout their  #ǝɔunoq collection. 

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Their #ǝɔunoq collection took sound waves patterns from Justin Timberlake - Strawberry Bubblegum, which was looped on Soundcloud and then printed on tracksuits, bucket hats and jackets. A creative and innovative idea that I can't say I've seen produced by a brand before. In their own words "Itʼ s sportswear with an urban and sophisticated edge" - and I couldn't agree more. 

All SHOOP clothing is Unisex friendly, so naturally it's a winner in my eyes. My favourite items up on their site at the moment are the Quilted Sweat Pants and the Drawings Baseball shirt. Prices of their products reflect their quality and I will most definitely be saving up to invest after the Christmas holidays are over!

Give their Facebook Page a like and follow them via Twitter @SHOOPclothing for all their updates! It won't be the last time you see these guys on Talk Casuals, so keep an eye out for more posts in the future!


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