I find myself in a small coffee shop in a small northern town, steeped with history and pride, Burnley.

Now I could within reason be anywhere and if I'm honest from where I'm sitting I think I’d choose anywhere instead of this tired looking high street, and this coffee shop with the monotonous clucking of the mothers in the corner discussing what has happened the following night on TV, before rushing off to catch there friends son on the latest Jeremy Kyle show. Or the unfortunate individuals who seem to have lost their way in life, gathering to start their day of despair together with a can of cheap alcohol; just to keep their shattered dreams alive for one more day.

Yes its safe to say I'm not a fan of Burnley's town Centre, but every town has their problems and downfalls, and when you're form around the area, it only seems to be emphasised each time you return.

So now I'm sure you wonder why I am actually here putting myself though this visual torment, well like I said every town has their problems, but every town also has things they should shout about and being honest, Burnley does have a few...

Their football team and there legendary firm the Suicide Squad, it also boasts a brilliant night out, and just lately has been named the ‘Most Enterprising Area in the North West’ by the face behind ‘Bank of Dave’. Last but not least, Simon Townley.

Who? Well he’s my hairdresser, but not only that he’s a friend, which makes it easier when getting my hair cut because we don’t have to do the whole ‘going on holiday this year?’, because he knows that already; he’s coming with me.

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So who is Simon? And why hairdressing some might say it’s a female industry?
Can’t say I was put off by the fact hairdressing is seen as a female career but  I was certainly very nervous when the first day of college arrived, as there was only me and one other male on the course.

There are a few hairdressers I have looked up to since I started. I looked up to Ade Phelan because he had tattoos and was cool, Vidal Sassoon because of his iconic stamp on hairdressing that will be seen forever and at the moment, I really like Jamie Stephens work who probably better known to people as the main guy behind the scenes in the X Factor; I’m a big fan of what he does.

I am VERY lucky to have the clients that I do. From the types that you mention, to Entrepreneurs and models, and I can’t say there’s many that haven't enjoyed doing.

As far as saying 'I’m proud to do their hair', it would probably be Bekis. Simply because being a tattooist, she is certainly not shy about letting me loose on her hair.

So tell us about hairdressing...
Celebrities are everything to hairdressers, every client comes in with a picture or an idea in their head that has started with something they have seen in a magazine or on TV. 

As a hairdresser cutting a celebs hair is the way to make the styles and trends that everyone is talking about.

As far as pushing the boundaries, I don’t think there is anything that’s not been done now. We have seen some exceptional hairdressing and some simply shocking haircuts. Myself, I try and create a look that is distinctive to my client but as close to what’s on trend as we can, without sending out clones.

Can you predict any styles for the future?
Whatever the current styles of hair we are sporting, trends will be trends and fashion throws us a lot of interesting haircuts, which is what any hairdresser will say is the reason that they love their job. 

I can’t say what haircut will be the most popular in future but I do think that the last maybe 2 years we have been very 'groomed' and neat with our haircuts so maybe it’s time the fellas had longer hair with a bit of a messy look (beards, curly hair etc..). That’s what I think the men will have next. Woman is a difficult one, as we are currently going through a growing stint, all woman seem to want to have long hair, waves. I think straight shiny hair will dominate again very soon which will be difficult for most girls to achieve after what they have done to their hair over last couple years (colours, highlighting).

Is there going to be a Simon Townley salon opening in a town in the future?
I have had my own salon before but it suits me and my clients that I travel to different towns cutting their hair, without having to worry about my 'base'. I would certainly never go as far as saying I will not have a salon again, but I am defiantly happy with the way it is at the moment. I love travelling, going events and my clients are all over, so not having a salon is a bonus.

And when you’re not working your magic?
When I'm not cutting hair I'm writing about hair, or looking at it in magazines or on the internet. It's a bit sad really, but its become more than just a career to me. As well as that I'm a big football fan so I do try and get on as many matches as I can.

So do you ever get away from hairdressing?
A bit of a boring answer for people, but I love a Sunday chill out with my family, my two boys and maybe even watch a game of football, although I'm still buzzing off my trip to New York.

Most people have life changing moments that make them strives towards their career, how about you?
Believe it or not I have had a lot of life changing moments for all sorts of different reasons, I spent all of my childhood in a wheelchair until I had an operation to help me walk which is when I decided to be a hairdresser. There is of course the birth of my boys, and in hairdressing being in the final of the L’Oreal Colour Trophy was a massive step in my career.

And just to round things off what you listening to at the moment?
My music playlist is so varied its almost embarrassing. I'm very into listening to John Newman at the moment. The last album I bought was Jay'z Magna Carta. But before that was The Smiths Greatest Hits, as I saw Johnny Marr at a Stone Roses gig. There is no real genre I can say I love more than the other, as I even enjoy listening to my brother who is an Elvis Tribute..
TV is a bit of a dark place for me at the moment as we have just finished Breaking Bad and now have to find something else to fill the void....

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