Introducting the PONY x Rothco collaboration. Here is the unveiling of a very exclusive capsule collection, "created under three philosophies: street performance, army cred and authenticity." Two New York originals, 3 styles, one genuine story...

Two Manhattan originals, have allied this Fall/Winter to present a military inspired capsule collection that brings forward three hybrid pieces; boots, a jacket and a backpack. The collection features design input from Jeff Staple and without a doubt bridges the gap between army and urban gear.

New York based ROTHCO was founded in 1953 on Great Jones Street in the East Village as a World War II army surplus business, before becoming one of the largest manufacturers of military clothing in the world.

This project features an exclusive 1-2-1 with Jeff Staple of Staple Design, who has an honest chat with founders Roberto Muller and Milton Somberg to uncover the inspiring story of two New York icons. From humble beginnings to re-inventing the game...

"Our goal for this project was to integrate the New York City roots of PONY with the military roots of ROTHCO into a singular collection that resonated with both legendary companies." Jeff Staple of Staple Design

The launch event for this collaboration is taking place next Wednesday, 15th January at Overkill, Berlin. I so wish I didn't have things keeping me here in the UK next week or I'd be taking up the invitation and heading over there. For now, take a closer look at the collection.

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Built for resilience, durability and robustness, the TrackitBack is arguablythe ultimate cityproof boot. It’s a true powerhouse hi-top;  it's tough and looks smart!. 

Heavily cushioned, lined and protected, with a clean, sharp silhouette. Authentic woodland camo pattern can be spotted throughout and finishes off by sporadic tactical red accents in all the right places. These guys have kept it as authentic as it gets; the camo is the exact same one used by the US military since 1948!

There is no doubt about it, no uniform is complete without a tough, hard-working jacket. For me this is the crux of the collection. The lining is of the same authentic woodland camo pattern you saw on the boots,  combined with genuine leather sleeves and beautifully crafted chenille and flat embroideries.  

If that wasn’t enough for you, the streetwear vets from Staple Design upgraded the tactical apparel package with removable patches. This is such a sick idea and I am all about that DIY construction. This gives us so much freedom to get a little bit creative and step outisde the constraints most designs put on us. I always think to myself "I would buy that if the logo was here and not there". This concept gives you the opportunity to create the jacket just how you want it. "Keep it clean, or keep it busy – chose your own adventure."

Staple Design did a brilliant job of merging the labels together when creating the the logo of the collection. Check it out and the other patches below.

To bring everything together, this collaboration saw the lables venturing into unknown territory for them. This is the very first backpack they have designed, and all I can say is I hope they don't stop at this one. All over camo print based on deep pitch black with red detailing, just like the boots. 

Honestly, I'm actually really impressed with this collection, the jacket is definitely my favourite piece. What's your opinion?


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