So if you follow us on Facebook, you'll have seen our teaser about our next product review!

Last week on the blog we introduced Krate & Co. to you, and Talk Casuals have been lucky enough to get the inside scoop in the run up to the drop of this product.

I was lucky enough to have been sent one of their boxes to review, and it's no doubt the best thing I've been sent to date. 

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I was so excited for this to arrive and I have been dying to show it to you. Produced in Liverpool, UK, Krate & Co.'s boxes are, in my opinion, a must have for any trainer collector! Whether it's Nike, Asics or adidas you're hooked on, these are exactly how they should be stored!

The box looks even better in real life; the attention to detail and presentation is second to none. I put a few of my favourites inside, but its really difficult to decide which ones to keep in there! 

Check out my review and some more pictures below...

The box is great in terms of ease and practicality. There is nothing worse than it taking 10 years to find the pair of trainers you want to wear, without ripping the stacks to pieces and trashing the place. Being able to see what I have and having my grails on display is going to be brilliant. 

Krate & Co. have executed this project in an impeccable and meticulous fashion; so much so that the product is one I am fully recommended to all my readers and fellow trainer connoisseurs! 

I literally don't know why anyone wouldn't invest in one! Shipping in March, you don't have to wait much longer to get your own! 

The only downside I can note about this product, is that I have a ridiculous amount of trainers and only one box...

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