If you follow the Talk Casuals Instagram, then you'll know we love checking out Press Days,! With SS16 Press Day dates being released, we figured we would get this post out ASAP! As well as getting lots of sneak peaks and getting really excited about sharing AW15 news with you lot, I had another post idea during the last load of Press Days - what are my 'Press Day Essentials'? For me now it's easy, so I reckon I will pass the baton as such, and if you're planning on heading to a SS16 press day then hopefully this post will benefit you too!

What should I wear?
So we'll start with your Press Day outfit. The first and only rule is, comfort trumps everything! You have to be prepared for the fact there is usually lots of travelling and walking involved, so if you don't own a pair of comfy shoes then you'll definitely want to invest. It's usually my footwear that makes a statement in my everyday outfit anyways, and it's more often than not that I'm wearing them because the trainer is comfy not for how it looks- so this is just a really organic decision for me when picking my Press Day outfit. Also I always find myself working my outfit round my shoes for Press Day events, and again when picking my clothing it's based on comfort. On one of the AW15 Press Days I wore just a plain jersey tee with loose fitting trousers and trainers (following an obvious colour scheme!). Wearing a hat is also my press day fail safe, keeping my hair under control with all the walking and travelling is much easier under a bucket - plus a bad hair day is one less thing for me to worry about! 

What do I need?
In my back pack I will always have my phone, camera, Talk Casuals notebook, pen, portable phone charger and water! If you have them, this is also a great place to hand out your business cards! Its always good to make some notes and get your initial reactions to collections written down so you can really get this across when it comes to posting about it later!  

On my first ever press day I was, and to be fair I sometimes still am, anxious walking in, but it's actually humbling when people know who you are and recognise your blog! All the PR companies I work with are so friendly and make it a really enjoyable experience so I love going to Press Days to see those guys too! What you're wearing isn't really important in my opinion as long as your comfortable, and what I've listed as essentials are only to give you a guideline and help you be a bit more organised if you get those anxious feelings too! The most important thing about attending press days is that you enjoy yourself! I love going to press days and seeing all the previews of upcoming collections and releases by brands that I'm really passionate about. It's also an awesome way to network with PR companies and other bloggers too. Press Days are also an opportunity to find out about brands that you maybe didn't know anything about before, or follow brands you really are a fan of! So my biggest advice is go in, introduce yourself, and enjoy it! 


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