Yo so this is Kitty, I'm a musician and a blogger and a friend of Shannan and this is my blog take over for Talk Casuals! 

I decided to put together an outfit I would love to rock from some of my favourite brands, and here's the outcome! 

1. Diamond Supply Co. tee/ 2. Monki Leather style shorts/ 3. Vans Sk8 Hi @ Small Feet Big Kicks/ 4. Skulls and Bones Boys Club Coach Jacket/ 5. Diamond Supply socks/ 6. Mishka Watch

I rock a mix of unisex style and I try to girlify it up by having things like pink hair and girly nails! 

I just love menswear and I think if worn the right way it can look great on girls. 

Mishka, Diamond and Vans are staple brands for my wardrobe and Monki is a really cool women's high street store that doesn't break the bank, and as for SABBC well they are a great UK streetwear company who I'm always I rocking! 

Support your locals! Kitty xox


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