I have literally had THE most mental week for deliveries....

Firstly, I finally got my first pair of Asics and I literally feel like such a tit for not getting a pair sooner. They're so comfortable and I've worn them every day (except the day delivery #2 arrived) since I got them. 

These minty beasties arrived at my door on Monday, brilliant start to the week. 

I bought these off a friend, but actually through the Kicks Sell & Swap X Good Soles Facebook page that I posted about a while ago. If you're not part of this group yet I advise you to join ASAP because they're are some gems up for grabs at the moment....

Secondly, I have been searching for a pair of these in my size and in good condition for what feels like forever. And on Wednesday the wait was over. I opened the box and literally squealed like a child I was so excited.... 

I finally have my own pair of Huarache LE "Voltage Yellow" from 2004, and they are practically unworn! They look ridiculously fierce on and I know @mighty_bouche was reluctant to let them go but I am so in love. Now I am just hoping and preying for some decent weather so I can show them off to the world!

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