Knightsbridge is not a place I frequent usually, with it's high end (and out of my budget) fashion stores and suited and booted population, but last Saturday was an exception. Breaking tradition I made a visit to Harvey Nichols flagship store and I definitely felt a little out of my depth! But the closer I got to the ground floor, the lounder the music, and the more at home I felt! The menswear department was converted into an underground market place hosting the rarest of trainers, customisation, restoration and more!

This was my very first press event and I felt like a little fishy in a big pond! There was a lot going on and it was a little overwhelming at first but all I could think was "As if this is actually Harvey Nichols" - a place I visit around christmas time to treat myself to some goodies! This Fresh Laces X Harvey Nichols event surpassed... in fact, it blew my expectations out of the water! A massive congratulations is in order for the Fresh Laces team! 

Someone on the day spoke about how Fresh Laces are keeping it clean, fresh and exclusive in every sense of the word. With a selection of hand picked brands, sellers and labels, it was an event no one should have missed.  

Having the likes of Jadakiss, Professor Green, Henry Holland, Kano and more passing through, it was a sneakerheads heaven!

Kano checking out Mr Sneaker's table of kicks!

w/ Charlie Sloth of Radio 1 Xtra

Whilst working my way through the room, we got to enjoy beats by 10 Faces and The Dickson Brothers of Kiss FM. But it didn't end there, throughout the day we were treated to performances by Mc Zani, Alyusha and The Bass. Make sure you check out my video below to experience what we did!

L-R The Bass, Alyusha and The Bass

Specialist sellers included 'I want your Sole' with a huge collection of trainer key rings...

...insane trainer customisation by From Virginia...

King of This Couture brand stocking some great pieces....

...gorgeous jewellery by Elisha Francis London, who took part in my Talk Brands collective...

...custom headwear by Custom Eyes Caps (@icustomeyes)..

..Trainer restoration by Save Our Soles...

And of course, it could go without saying, a great selection of the rarest trainers from lots of sellers all under one roof. Here is just a few of them...

Tapis Rouge

Dimension London

The King of Trainers, @fabsnetwork from @TrainerHolic

I caught up with Nathan, the Founder of Fresh Laces, after the event;

For the people who don't know, where did Fresh Laces all begin and how did the team come together?
Fresh Laces was an idea i've had for a few years now, basically im a big sneakerhead and have always wanted a store of my own called Fresh Laces. I started the pop up events as a way of getting the name out in the sneaker world. Its all happened so quick, i was offered a bar (Apres Bar) back in March to hold our first event and 4 weeks later Fresh Laces was born! 

What has been the highlight for you so far?
The highlight so far has to be our last event at Harvey Nichols. The fact such a big world famous store like HN took an interest in our culture and hosted such a dope event is a real blessing and definitely a good thing not only for Fresh Laces but the whole sneaker & lifestyle culture in the UK. We had Jadakiss, Kano, Pro Green, Charlie Sloth plus loads more come through and check us out, thats pretty amazing for a company thats only been going since April.

How would you describe your own personal style?
My own personally style? Haha thats tuff one, im old skool so dont jump onto too many new clothing styles. I like to keep things pretty simple but with always sick kicks!

What are your favourite brands/websites/stores?
Im really on Uk brands at the minute, Trapstar, BenJart & King Of This couture are all dope. Store-wise I like Natterjacks in Kingston, they always hook me up with the latest dope stuff out. Other stores would be sneaker ones really, Foot Patrol, Nike Town, Dimension & Mr Sneaker, i love them ALL!

Favourite brand of footwear?
Im a big collector so like a bit of everything. Nike will always be number 1 but a nice variety never hurt anyone. I tend to buy a nice amount of the same shoe for a while then on to something else. Im working on building a nice Asics Gel Lyte iii collection at the moment

Whats your take on the current "sneakerhead" culture?
The current 'sneakerhead' culture in the UK is a great thing. We've always been into kicks but the levels have really gone up over the last few years and its turning into a real 'community'. That can only be a good thing for us and hopefully we can keep building and get to the levels they have in the States were events are massive. They incorporate music, fashion & sneakers into one big show and thats definitely something Fresh Laces wants to do. I think with all the different events, queues for the releases and resale prices on certain kicks in the Uk at the moment, it really shows the demand is there 

What can we expect to see from you in the future?
Expect big things from Fresh Laces in the future, we'll just continue to put on dope events, and always bring new elements to each pop up. So more kicks, more clothing lines, artists, designers, whatever the creative brand is we want to be their platform to show the world!

Anything else you'd like to add?
Just like to add a big thank you to all our supporters who come out and show love each time. And a massive thank you to Talk Casuals, you guys have been supporting us from the start with all these dope blogs. Big thank you for that!

Nathans' Saucony X Play Cloths at the Fresh Laces event.

Overall it was unbelievable, couldn't congratulate Fresh Laces enough! I can't wait to see what's next, but no doubt it'll be big!

Click read more to see the other pictures we took throughout the day, can also take a look at my instagram @shangry for the videos I took too! If you peep your feet, drop me a message and I'll get you tagged! Please also #TalkCasuals or @ me @shangry if you use any pictures! Thanks!




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