House of Vans London is a multi use creative space at the heart of one of the world¹s most inspiring cities. Housing a gallery, cinema, artist's studios, music space, diner and a skatepark, the 3,000sqm space champions creativity and is dedicated to nurturing emerging talent and fostering community.

Launching today, Thursday 5th March from 4pm, House of Vans London presents Artist Fabien Bonzi, who is reinventing abstraction… with his skateboard. 

I love this concept, the merging of culture and inventiveness which demonstrates the raw essence of what House of Vans represents; skateboaring and creativity! Fabien literally rides his paintings, creating abstract paintings using his board as his tool. Sweeping away the paint, the width of the wheel is printed onto the background of each vibrant canvas. The result is striking, powerful and reminiscent of the great abstractionists before him- Pollack, Dubuffet and Soulages. Abtract art has always been an interest of mine, the main reason being that there isn't just one way to look at it and the more you look the more you see, its intriguing. The same with Fabien's work, its exciting! Fabien's work shows a process that reflects the relationship between an object, it’s owner and surrounding environment. In Slidesamples, the skateboard becomes brush demonstrating the unexplored potential of a cult object. 

The exhibition will run until Sunday 15th March and will not only take over the gallery space but also the House of Vans Cafe, Reception and Skatepark Hall. 

There will also be the opportunity to re-create your very own skateboard art on Saturday 7th March when Fabian will host a workshop at the House of Vans Artist Labs from 12pm - 6pm. Head over to the House of Vans website to find out more!

I definitely recommend you check this exhibition out and get involved in the workshops! #TalkCasuals and let us see what you create!


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