Native Youth is excited to announce the release of its debut Womenswear collection for SS15, stating it as cohesive and considered. 

After looking at the collection, I definitely can't argue with that. The consistent theme throughout all my fashion posts is my passion for unisex styles: masculine cuts with a feminine touch. This has always been my personal taste, as functionality, comfort and clean layering has always taken my preference over a real girly girly style - not that there is anything wrong with that style! It's just not me, but Native Youth's SS15 collection really is. 

Native Youth’s debut collection showcases trend driven yet functional pieces with careful consideration given to fine fabrics and the perfect fit. Through the designers’ intrepid interest in art, photography and contemporary culture an alternative design philosophy has been sought. Androgynous British silhouettes fused with Japanese style details and juxtaposing Scandinavian prints create a diversified fashion collection. Casual pieces reflect classic sports styles whilst denim pieces are executed in a youthful, trend conscious manner creating lasting pieces for future seasons. Check it out for yourself...

"Our menswear collection has had an incredible three years - the brand is still so new but we are carried in some of the world's most respected stores. We feel the time is now right to launch a women's collection that will mirror the clean aesthetics of our men's line but with a forward thinking and reactive womenswear sensibility" Ash Kumar - Founder and Creative Director 


Confirmed stockists for SS15 include Urban Outfitters, Ron Herman, Wildfang, Azalea and select stores globally. I'm definitely going to be getting my hands on a few bits from this collection. Native Youth have fast hit my Top 5 women's brands, this is literally everything I look for in a collection.


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