SEEK are a Manchester based unisex clothing brand creating something different and something that really is making an impression on the streetwear scene.

Their debut collection of unisex apparel features strong design aesthetics which embody and reflect the urban lifestyle. Bold graphical elements and attention to detail is everything. and I love that some pieces are finished delicately reflective details for a real statement. 

I was so excited when the previews of their launch surfaced online, and it's really pleasing to see a unisex brand create a strong collection from the offset. 

Check out my Top Picks below...

The WE ARE Coach Jacket is awesome! Everyone needs a Coach Jacket in their life and this one is clean, cool and more than reasonably priced! A season essential, this coach features SEEK's signature monochromatic palette and has marble effect lining for a unique finish that I am besotted with. This jacket gives me the same excitement that burgundy Patta Coach jacket did, with all the woodland creatures inside! This marble touch is such a sleek and real exciting way to add something different to you average jacket. This would look so boss on, I'm actually imagining the wind catching the inside and having that marble lining crack through - awesome!

My next pick is the Terra White Swimsuit. The one-piece is most certainly back this summer, and a good swimsuit is essential Again this marble effect has won me over - it gives what is a very feminine piece a street/urban vibe, which I think really epitomise what makes a good unisex brand - It can keep us feeling cool yet helps us really embrace our girly side!

My final pick is the MERIDIAN Swimsuit, mostly for the same reasons as the above, but for the fact this isn't your average swimsuit. I love the surf-style cut to this one-pice, and the cross back branded straps and unique zip design to the front give this a real edge over any other one-pice I've seen. If you've checked this out online already you probably know whats coming and why this is in my Top 3 - reflective 3M marble print, enough said. My dream of all dreams 3M and my new found love of marble print is a match made in one-piece heaven! 

What are your favourite pieces? Really can't wait to see what's next for this brand, they've definitely made it to our list of favourites! 

You can keep up to date with SEEK through their Facebook page and shop the collection here. Not sure that this lot will be 'Globally Unknown' for very long...


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