Critics Clothing, a brand I have been following for just over a year now, is becoming one of the hottest brands around, and its all down to brand owner Samanah Duran - who really is taking being a female CEO to a next level of cool. 

Having initially started off designing unisex designs, she is now focusing on adding more female lines to the range, which I am SO excited about! Critics Clothing is about being your own person and are really interested in people who express individuality and I think they demonstrate this so well.

Here is Samanah Duran modelling for the brand adding “I always dabble in and out of modelling for my own label since I don't know if its frowned upon, but then again this is my label and a huge part of who I am, and I can do exactly as I wish to.” 

The full collection is available online now! What are your thoughts?


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