I'm really excited to introduce Mydopesocks to you guys! Mydopesocks are a UK based company offering high quality socks without the price tag!

Mydopesocks specialise in designing custom Nike Elite and HUF socks for their customers, whilst also creating and selling their own brand of socks* - there really is something for everyone! The guys over at Mydopesocks were kind enough to stock me up with a boss selection of their new designs to add some fun to my outfits! Bright colours, unique patters and most importantly, they feel so good on! 

The easiest part of my day was matching my socks to my trainers, they literally go with everything! If you're into socks, or want to inject a little bit of colour into your life - this is the best way how! Socks are an important part of an outfit, especially if you're wearing kicks you know people will be looking at!

Shop the collection here, there is so much more to come from these guys so keep up to date with them through their Facebook and InstagramCheck out some of my choices below and make sure you're following the Talk Casuals Instagram - we're going to be posting some more pictures of these throughout the week!


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