Nobis are a Premium Canadian outerwear brand that launched back in 2007. The brand offers iconic tailored Canadian down filled jackets that are inspired by a rediscovered appreciation for the more simplified lifestyle of the past. Nobis creates for the ever changing global winters, unpredictable seasonal conditions and the growing need for fashionable and functional outwear. 

They have introduced the Beacon Varsity jacket for men and Teagan for ladies into their Flyweights collection. The jackets are wind and rain resistant too all without compromising on style and with Raglan style and a minimalistic colour palette, you know I'm sold! 

Both jackets are available in a selection of colourways and features a Nobis branded crest on upper left arm for a subtle finish. What I also love about these, and something I think essential in any jacket, is storage! As well as exterior pockets, both versions have a discreet Internal pocket for added storage. 

Check out the colours available for both below. For once I think the ladies got the better deal with colour palette, I love the Black and Grey Teagan jacket. 


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