Squish House is your online terminal for fresh unisex statement pieces with a conscious flavour. With inspiration from the catwalk streets of London, Manchester and it’s home town of Birmingham, Squish House delivers streetwear with unapologetic innovation, raw energy and self-expression.

Launching back in December 2015, Squish House are still relatively new, but they are definitely bringing something unique to the scene with a fresh, passionate attitude to creating their signature mark.

The journey of Squish House began with a thought and along the design route it encompassed multiculturalism, consciousness and powerful messages designed for those who are not afraid of individualism. 

Talk Casuals has always provided a platform for emerging brands, and with Squish House, promoting unisex fashion and the importance of individuality, we're behind them all the way!

Without a target, Squish House in their own words:

 "promote creativity, the pursuit of your dreams, and encourages you to operate at your highest of frequencies."

The brand is very much home grown, right here in the UK and they have already attracted attention from the likes of Karis from Stooshe.  

This really is just the beginning for these guys so watch this space! Keep updated through their Facebook and Instagram.


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