If you're following my personal or the Talk Casuals insta, you'll recognise Mont Bloc Toy.

Manchester based Mont Bloc Toy are the latest answer to copping your grails.  Literally the best gift or pass time for any trainer head, from Jordans to Superstars, they've got you covered. 

The good guys over at MBT sent me one of these little handfuls of perfection to build. It really was so much fun constructing my mini AM1 Chlorophyll*, a trainer I know I'll never own in my size! It was relatively easy to know how to do it using their online instructions - so make sure you follow them because it's easy to get lost!

This really is one of the best gifts ever! Check out some of my progress pictures below, I was so into it I forgot to take more! I'll definitely be grabbing a few more of these!

Soon to be a resident on the marketplace K'LEKT, I'm really excited to see whats to come from these guys in 2016!

Shop here and make sure you're following them on Instagram!


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