These Roshe Runs 'Metric' are absolutely mental! When I first saw the pictures I was in two minds about them, if I'm really honest... I just didn't get it? But, saying that, they have really grown on me and actually, I think Nike have been real clever with this release. 

Everyone knows by now that the Roshe Run have been, and continue to be, the up and coming shoe in the trainer world. With Nike releasing and teasing us with all these speckled and suede colourways, then giving us free reign to tailor the Roshes to our own tastes with iD, they're everywhere! But just when you think the hype is on it's way out, comes the arrival of the Metrics.

The reason I think that Nike have been clever with this release is for that exact reason. They made a shoe that everyone wants, and also that everyone can get. I probably wave the biggest flag for the Roshes, for both comfort and looks. But, no one want's to be a carbon copy of the person standing next to them. Everyone nowadays, including myself, wants to make sure they're that one person who's that little bit different from the rest of the crowd. So even with the chance to iD, you're restricted with colours and there is no doubt someone will eventually create a similar colourway to you, so then we're all back to square 1!

This new release for me just oozes that anti-conformity mentality, that one rebel that just didn't want to be an 'ordinary' Roshe Run!! Going that little bit further, to be that little bit different. 

Nike are definitely stepping up their game, I am loving this sick mosaic style/geometric twist. They themselves have gone that little bit further, and continue to push boundaries with inventive new textures to put on, what in my eyes is, the perfect canvas. 

I really do like these, and the more I think about them and the more I'm looking at the pictures I want a pair! The ladies truly are getting spoilt at the moment!

You can pick up in store and online now from Patta and they will be releasing at Nike and other dealers this Saturday, 4th May (same day as the Grape Vs mind!)

Images from Patta.nl and Freshnessmag.com

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