I’m about to describe a story to you before I get down to the music, I don’t really feel like the tape needs and introduction but I’m going to set the scene a bit anyway…

Around 50 weeks ago the sneaker world was anticipating the drop of one of the best shoes Nike was to drop in 2012. I was in central London with my boyfriend and as usual we were about to see what Nike Town was saying, what we saw when we got there was just nuts…

A whole 5 days before the release of the Nike Air Foamposite One Galaxy, the campout had started.
Just after this picture was taken, we spoke to the guy first in line for a pair of the foams. Art Daley was chilling in his chair rocking the Nike Air Flight One NRGs’ (I remember this because my boyfriend regrets, to this day, not picking them up when we were in NikeTown)
We picked up Art Daleys The Grape & Laney Pack tape that day and James has had it in his car ever since.

Since then we bought Art Daleys latest tape “24hr Coffee Shop”, which you can download at his bandcamp.

This is top of my current playlist at the moment, my faaaavourite track being Braided ft Mikey Smith. If you need something to kick back to after a long grind at work or Uni, then buy it. I listen to this getting ready for Uni, on my way to Uni, on my way home from Uni haha!
The 13-track tape has a vibe you can listen to anywhere, anytime, whatever mood you’re in. 

The point of my story was that if you’re into trainers and if you’re into good music then I couldn’t recommend anything better for your ears.

If you take anything away from this post, make it the tape!


  1. CrookStreet founder Art Daley, also known as, the Uk Sneaker Ambassador(USA), the Smoothest Rapper alive and more im sure you'll be hearing about, is 1 of the most under rated artist dare i say in the world right now. With 16mixtapes to date his work rate is impeccable and with loads more projects in the pipeline its going to hard work keeping up. Projects such as the highly anticipated album with MF Doom, DaleyXDoom has 2013 set to be a rollercoaster of a ride, so all i can say is sit back, buckle up, hold on tight and brace yourself cause it gonna be one hell of a ride.

  2. #24hrCoffeeShop #420Dope love it

  3. Hi Shangry love the Blog. I agree, the 24hr Coffee Shop definitly sets the tone for what ever mood your in. Shout Out to Art Daley. It hasn't come out of my set yet either, its one those tapes you don't need to skip a single tune.

    1. Agreed! Appreciate your feedback thank you! Keep spreading the word!


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