I am embarrassed to say that in the last couple of weeks I actually thought we were going to see the last of the cold weather.. alas I was wrong.

Yesterday morning I woke up to snow, and I was hideously underprepared...again, embarrassing!

I left all my boots, including my Timberlands and Astorias back at home in London, so yesterday I tried my luck in trainers... never again!

Despite my lack of inappropriate footwear (which should never be the case considering I have shoes coming out of my ears), my upper body was toasty!

This is a post dedicated to my Carhartt Siberian Parka. Thank you for being the best investment I have ever made....

Hashtag #TalkCasuals on Twitter and Instagram and show me what you're wearing to keep warrm! Will do a feature post of all your pictures later this week!

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