This post is a little different to what you would usually see on my blog, but nonetheless its definitely worth being talked about and shared with you lot.

Valley of Neptune is a gorgeous little bigcartel shop run by a friend of mine and it's filled with some absolute delights!

I myself don't wear a lot of jewellery on a daily basis, but I do love a staple piece when I'm dressing up for a special occasion and there are some beautiful pieces available on her bigcartel. 

It's rare to find such beautiful jewellery for such a reasonable price so don't miss out!

There is a link to the online shop above, but here are a few pieces that I adore! 

Images from Valley Of Neptune store

Please take the time to go and have a look, Daisy and her store definitely deserve a lot more recognition!

Take a look at the other products she has here, and follow her on Instagram @valley_of_neptune to see new additions to the store as they're added.

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