You may have read my post on Monday about the final piece to complete Patta's latest collection.

The Big Dot Fleece T-shirt was one of my favourite, and like I said, I NEEDED it!

By Tuesday it was sold out online and with only a few L and XL's left in store.

Mine arrived today and it is as gorgeous in person as it was to me in the images.

The first thing I noticed when I took it out of the wrapping was that it was so much heavier than I had expected! It's brilliant quality and perfect for the English weather all year round.

The quality of the product is unreal, such a gorgeous piece I am over the moon with it.

I sized down to a Small for this and it fits perfect, (I usually get Mediums because I like stuff baggy). It's a pretty long shirt so be aware of this when you're buying it.

Natalie Roseanne, a friend of mine who runs a brilliant Nail and Beauty blog, has asked me to do a post to show how I style my trainers with everyday clothes, and so I thought with this post can hit two birds with one stone.

Here are some pictures of the t-shirt and then how I have styled it with black jeans and my red Air Max 1's from the "Attack Pack " (2010).

(Excuse the grim weather here on the south coast. And my hair is here there and everywhere, but thats the price you pay to have the sea as your back garden!)

I chose the red to highlight that final touch in the embroidered script logo that had me swooned from the offset.

If you missed out getting this online, most stores carrying Patta's range will have them in stock shortly, among them Hanon, Hideout, Avenue and Boylston Trading Co., so don't make the same mistake twice!!

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  1. You look gorgeous! I love how you styled the black together with bright red! Xx

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