So, the Postman has been verrry good to me over the past couple of weeks.
(I'm supposed to be on a spending ban but I needed these, I swear!)

First to arrive were these gorgeous DS Air Max 1 from the "Suede Pack" (2009)

A big thanks to gooey_wooey for these! These have been on my 'To Find' list for a while now and I am so happy with them! 

I am an sucker for speckled soles, so check this out.... to die for!

The most recent parcel to arrive at my door was from Rockwell by Parra. 

For those of you who don't know, Parra is a dutch artist whose work is instantly recognised for his quirky characters and vibrant colours. Parra is one of my favourite artists, and so naturally Rockwell by Parra is one of my favourite brands. Supplying high quality clothing and accessories featuring Parras distinctive illustrations seems just too good to be true, but it isn't!

I spent the last of my birthday money on this beautiful duffel bag with the "falling cats" print. I was in desperate need of a good weekend bag, as I am travelling a lot being at University on the South Cost and my boyfriend being in Manchester. It's the perfect size and to my surprise has 3 secret zip pockets which will come in handy. 

You can buy this bag from the Rockwell by Parra website, or click the link above and it will take you straight to it.

The duffel costs €49 which is brilliant value, especially when you don't have to pay for shipping! 

Rockwell also send out a free tote bag, also pictured above with every order, which I am over the moon about... can never have too many totes!


  1. On what website would you buy the Air Max?
    Thank you!


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