The most recent question I was asked was:
"What shoes do you think are a must have (essentials)?"

I'll be honest, I didn't have to think long and hard about this, the answer came to me almost instantly.

If I am to recommend a shoe to anyone based on comfort alone, it's Roshe Runs

If I am to recommend a shoe to anyone based on comfort AND looks, it's still Roshe Runs.

I think they are an absolute essential for anyone and everyone. Whether you're a  footwear lover or just an opportunist. 

I bought my first pair back in summer last year, after the Crepe City event in Shoreditch. I had been on my feet all day and we'd been travelling all over Central London doing shopping and getting food. 

My feet were in desperate need of some TLC, and so I picked these up and paid for them whilst they were on my feet. 

They were, at the time, the most underestimated shoe, and to some extent I still think this is the case now. I put them on and it was genuinely like walking on clouds, they are so spongey, I didn't want to take them off! Like I said I paid for them whilst they were still on my feet.

I still love these, and they're one of the only pairs of my trainers that are constantly in my current rotation. 

Someone else who can back me up and tell you that these were one of the best releases of 2012 is my Nan. She went and bought herself a pair after seeing mine and she is currently the most "trill" nan at Bingo! However, nanny went for the more understated Black versions of my Red ones. 

Since then I bought the Digi Camo Roshe Runs which I havent actually worn outside my room yet! They stay here in London whilst I'm at Uni down in the deep south because they would just get ruined and it would break my heart. This will definitely get some play time this summer though. They're so yummy!

2013 has however, seen the release of even more brilliant colourways for the Roshe Runs, and it does seem to be the up coming shoe for Nike. Everyone loves them and I don't blame them!

So in my opinion, this is an absolute essential in any shoe collection, and for £70 it's a no brainer!

I hope to be purchasing my third pair in the very near future. This pair in fact, from the most recent "Speckle Pack".
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