Following the success of Walala's collaboration with Cat Footwear that launched in TOPSHOP late last year, the East London based French artist is back this summer with another exciting collection featuring 5 bold prints. 

Looking at the SS15 collection, Walala clearly didn't hold back as she has created elaborate vibrant patterns on CAT's classic Colorado shape and new range that are being introduced this summer including the Restless Walala, Ridge Walala, and the Roll Down Walala. I am absoloutely, head over heels OBSESSED with this collaboration. As well as slipping my feet into a pair of kicks, I have a soft spot for a good chunky boot and like with all my fashion favourites, its those masculine items with feminine touches that get my vote. What epitomises that more than these? 


The Colorado boot is an all purpose boot and Walala's rework on it's rigid construction takes this classic into a different direction. My favourite of the collection is the Ridge Walala. Those of you who are regulars to the blog know my love for all monochrome everything! 

Camille Walala is a purveyor of powerfully positive digital print. A graduate in Textile Design from the University of Brighton, her namesake brand was established in East London in 2009, where she continues to live. Recent work has seen her progressing from her popular textile based range to include Art Direction, Interior Design and a continued love affair with pop up restaurants, where her love for food and design are brought to life. Her signature Tribal POP style present a boundless energy that work perfectly for show-stopping and social spaces - “the bigger the better”.

As a brand that truly believe in progression, CAT continue to stomp their way into fashion and evolve with the trend. The SS15 womens' collection is a testament to CAT's commitment to keep pushing forward, and I am so excited to see what's next!


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