If you're around Regents Street this evening make sure you pass through the Apple Store for a very interesting event. Kish Kash will be hosting a showcase and panel discussion for the Complete Sneakers iPad app, on behalf of the pioneering and highly influential design agency U-Dox Creative, who created this app to accompany their book 'Sneakers: The Complete Limited Editions Guide', which was published last year by Thames & Hudson

Involved in the discussion will be DJ SEMTEX, Nihal Arthanayake, Kitty Cowell & Wes Tyerman, who all are passionate about trainers! They'll be talking about the development and phenomenon of sneakers, plus their place within modern day society by helping to shape the worlds of design, fashion and music. 

Check out all the info on the event here, register for it here or just turn up! It will definitely be worth catching this! It if you're not familiar with the book, check out the video below to bring yourself up to speed.


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