In 2027, a human settlement on Mars will be initiated with the four first volunteering astronauts. Mars One is the space project offering 100 people the chance to move to our neighbouring planet Mars. Inspired by nomads of bygone and future generations, the Björn Borg SS16 show at Fashion Week in Stockholm is a tribute to this ground-breaking space mission and to the concept of the ultimate challenge: Training for Mars.

For Björn Borg, space is the limit when the brand sets out to top last year’s celebrated show during Fashion Week in Stockholm. With the brand’s Head Designer James Lee at the helm, expectations are high as Björn Borg literally creates an out-of-this-world experience to showcase its first collection since the company redirected its business focus to sportswear.

The SS16 show is inspired by the concept of breaking new frontiers for the love of mankind. Mars One epitomises this idea and our show is a tribute to the bravery and faith these pioneers show by venturing to the unknown for the sake of evolution and innovation. The journey sets the scene for the show featuring our fashion sportswear collection that is perfectly fit for the ultimate challenge – training for Mars! says James Lee, Head of Design at Björn Borg.

SS16 takes the brand’s sports fashion expression to new heights. The show will feature all product groups entailing sportswear, swimwear, underwear, shoes and accessories with an emphasis on the sport range.

The Björn Borg fashion show will be held on August 24 at 8 PM in Stockholm. I love this inspiration for the show and I am so excited to see the collection!

More information on the Mars One project can be found here. To find out what training for Mars actually really requires, check it out below!

Mars is a terrestrial planet with a carbon-dioxide-rich atmosphere. The average temperature is -60 degrees Celcius with weather changes of clouds and winds. The physical preparations before takeoff are key to success. Astronauts could lose nearly half their muscle strength during the seven month long trip, giving them the physiques of senior citizens by the time they’ve arrived. The heart needs strengthening to avoid “space snuffles” caused when the human body loses control over the circulation of its fluids. Each astronaut will be given an individualised program based on their strengths and weaknesses. Exercise is scheduled six days per week and should include bicycling, running, squats, dead lifts, heel raises, bicep curls and bench press.


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