So I first came across Jude J Taylor's blog via The Basement, the biggest online streetwear community - I do enjoy that group, there are some odd threads as with any Facebook group, but this one definitely caught my eye!

I'm also a massive hoarder, with everything and I mean I keep everything! Old cinema tickets, trainer boxes, gig tickets, clothes the lot! I actually thought I was a bit of a wierdo, and the only one who kept odd things like clothes tags and stuff but after this thread, rest assured I am not alone!

In fact, in my old place I had two small frames of stickers and tags that I'd done a similar thing with but Jude's looks far better than mine ever did! I have a plastic wallet full to the brim of them too in a drawer! I'm really into being a bit creative as well so wanted to share this with you guys maybe pass on the inspiration! Having just moved into a new flat again I'm having to do a big clear out so this will be a good way to gain some space too! I'll post up the outcome when it's finished too.

What are your thoughts on this? Read Jude's story here.


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