For AW15 EVISU launch their Sports Luxe collection and I am alllll over it! 

Defined by an overarching relaxed and easygoing style, something that I look for in every piece of clothing I buy/wear, EVISU’s Autumn Winter 2015 collection includes “Grandslam”, a range of sportswear-inspired fashion pieces; the vibrant “Playful Nostalgia” theme, characterised by its bold colours and eye-catching graphics; and its continuing “Evergreen” range. Staying true to the quintessential EVISU spirit, the new collection explores innovative and unexpected detailing that elevates its range of sportswear, denim, outerwear, and statement pieces. There are some big statement pieces in this collection, the bold signature style we all love from EVISU, but each piece compliments the other so well!

“Grandslam” exudes an effortless, sporty vibe through reinterpreted athletic styles upgraded with a dose of urban luxe. The range is dominated by a stark colour palette of blacks and whites accented by touches of grey and silver, while captivating digital prints inject life into this monochromatic world. Silhouettes are relaxed with a preference for loose-fit shapes that echo the athletic vibe of the season. 

The women’s longline “cocoon” sweatshirt with a gathered hem may be layered over skinny jeans for a flattering extension of the silhouette, and cropped tees and sweaters may be paired with boyfriend jeans or sweatpants for a soft edginess. The women’s range also boasts a selection of trendy, longline jackets as well as oversized bomber and denim jackets that radiate a sophisticated ease. Innovative detailing infuses this collection of sporty styles with elements of modernity, playfulness and high-end chic. From intricate embroidery and detachable patches to reflective graphics, Japanese-inspired prints, and holographic effects, the collection embraces uniqueness and self-expression with flair and irreverence.  The women’s collection also introduces coated denim that has been specially treated to give off a unique leather look, while feminine detailing such as sequinned wording and graphics, embossing, and playful embellishments add a dash of youthful trendiness and fun to the entire range.

What are your thoughts?


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