THFKDLF's latest cut and sew collection consists of 6 pieces, 3 tees, 1 vest, 1 sweatshirt and 1 pullover hoody. 

Like with their R.Q.S.T. collection, this features a simple monochromatic colour scheme. Again, what I really like about this brand is everything is created and constructed in house, giving the brand total freedom to explore and design a new shape for this collection. As you can see from the Lookbook each item is constructed using 3 back panels in contrasting colours to give the item a distinctive and unique look. This brand can't seem to get it wrong! Their constantly pushing boundaries and taking risks and it's so awesome to follow and enjoy the success in some really awesome products! Despite the fact their two new releases are clearly very different, there can be no dispute that their is a continuity between the two and both demonstrate elements of THFKDLF's signature style - and that is definitely the sign of a strong brand.  

Their XIII Lookbook was shot out in Berlin with photographer Borke Berlin and Amadeus
Ama Thuner, check it out below and shop the collection online now!


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