Photography by Michelle Marshall

Salt-Water sandals, the cult American footwear classic, have long been a style secret amongst the UK’s best dressed with Alexa Chung, Florence Welch, Sienna Miller and Fearne Cotton all seen keeping their feet cool in the iconic summer staple.

Available in the UK since 2011, the first ever-pair was created by Walter Hoy in 1940s USA. Utilising the scrap leather from his military boot manufacturing business, it was a resourceful and creative way of combating leather shortages during the Second World War. Throughout the following decades the manufacturing process of the sandal has been virtually unchanged, with the signature plaited leather upper, partway stitched onto a vulcanised rubber sole with rust resistant brass buckles and a unique sealant staying almost exactly the same as when they were first made.

For someone who doesn't look to buy sandals (I'm a lot more comfortable in trainers), I was genuinely intrigued to find out a bit more about these. They're entirely waterproof for a start! Which is perfect for beach adventures! The leather also moulds to the wearers foot the more they are worn and made wet, which means there no doubt about comfort! Now available in a huge selection of colours, including zesty orange, lime and lemon, silver and gold metallic or the classic navy, black or tan, there is a pair of Salt-Water sandals to suit every summer, every wearer, whatever the occasion. I love the metallic silver and classic navy, perfect colours to take you from day into night!

You can buy Salt-Water Sandals online from £55.


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