’47 Brand has partnered with the Black Fives Foundation, a non-profit organisation that works to research, preserve, showcase, and teach the pre-1950 history of African Americans in basketball. They have collaborated to create a first-of-its-kind collection of headwear, apparel and accessories that combines fashion with history. The multi-year licensing partnership brings together one of today’s leading sports lifestyle brands with a one-of-a-kind authentic vintage sports property that is socially and culturally relevant.

The collection features an array of headwear, apparel and pennants, emblazoned with historically accurate logos and designs of the original Black Five Era teams, celebrates the integration of African Americans into the previously divided National Basketball Association in 1950.

Both enterprises are synonymous with the history of American sport and believe that this debut collection will not only combine history and fashion to express an untold story, but also speak to a youthful audience about an important genre of basketball history. The collection leaves room for future expansion into the realms of accessories and vintage jerseys, but for now check out the first drop below.

Both ’47 Brand and the Black Fives Foundation represent a legacy that is deeply rooted in American sport history, and we are honoured to work with them on this collaboration,” said ’47 Brand’s co-owner Steven D’Angelo. “’47 Brand supports the history of sports, so it was a natural fit to join forces with the Black Fives Foundation and bring this new genre to life, by sharing the untold stories of how the Black Fives Era helped pave the way for basketball as we know it today.

The vision behind this collaboration from our two authentically rooted brands is to not only capture fans’ passion for basketball, history, and quality workmanship, but also to honour and celebrate the once-forgotten but important efforts and contributions of the game’s early African American pioneers,” said Claude Johnson, Executive Director of the Black Fives Foundation.

To celebrate the launch of this collaboration, ’47 are hosting their first UK pop up store at the Old Truman Brewery, Unit 8, Dray Walk, East London from the 11th June to 21st June 2015. The store features all product from the ’47 x Black Fives collection & will be available to purchase as well as online.

The partnership reinforces the Foundation’s slogan, “Make History Now,” by bringing back an important genre of sports history through the existing appeal of ’47 Brand’s youthful, fan-targeted, contemporary lifestyle apparel and accessories offerings. Both ’47 Brand and the Black Fives Foundation will amplify their messages by creating collections that speak to the audiences that both brands have established, and beyond. 

I'm really like this collection and I'm excited to see how this partnership develops, what are your thoughts?


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