Run by two individuals, Top of the World London is primarily a lifestyle and clothing brand, that set out to develop clean, well designed products. The brand began as an outlet to explore creativity and soon developed into a platform where they were able to share their ideas and personalities.

Their new range, entitled The Capsule Collection - Drop 1, will be their largest offering to date, with 15 new line items. 

The fashion and lifestyle brand has maintained the relationship with quality and design by incorporating clean, basic style with everyday function. No one can question that!

TOTW pride themselves on using the high quality print and finish on premium garments, and it definitely shows. You will all probably know by now that minimalistic designs combined with a monochrome colour palette is everything you need to create my perfect collection. The Capsule Collection - Drop 1 features big and bold font emblazoned across tees, crews and long sleeves. Its an awesome unisex drop and I really like that there is a clear focus and consistency throughout. I'm really looking forward to seeing more from these guys!

You can keep up to date with them through their Facebook here, and shop the first drop here. See more images of the collection below...


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