Superior Belief are an independent south London street clothing label that focuses on providing high-quality products at streetwear prices. This summer they have continued the plan to get back to basics by focusing on high-quality graphics and finishing but also bringing some new technical effects and pieces into the mix… 

Each piece this season will see the return of the embroidered patch on the back, something the brand did when they first started, but with a colour palette that looks to be a lot punchier than any previous season – they have quite deliberately chosen a flux bright colours for the graphics. 

Also, the cord 6-panel is the second hat the brand have released and, along with a bucket hat coming later in this summer (which we are beyond excited for) is a throwback piece. The labels 6-panels are a nod to an old-school fit and they've emphasised the retro feel with a cordouroy fabric, something that works absolutely perfectly. To be fair, cord everything is cool to me! Attention to the details are also real cool on this, including a two-tone embroidered logo on the front and single tone logo on the back.

Superior Belief have gone back to basics with regard to their impeccable finishing and certainly not rested on their laurels across other creative departments. If there was anything to prove that less really is more, then this is it! 

You can shop the capsule collection here and keep up to date with them through their Facebook Page

What are your thoughts? I love the grittiness to the way the collections been shot too, check it out below...



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