On 5th June, 2015 Cheap Monday and Teenage Engineering will launch a line of Pocket Operators - micro synthesisers that fit in your pocket - and a line of matching gear in the UK. The launch will take place in-store at the Cheap Monday store, Carnaby Street. 

The new line of the three pocket sized musical instruments come without casing where the components and artwork are visible directly on the printed circuit board. The idea of the collaboration between Teenage Engineering and Cheap Monday was born in the autumn of 2013. The Teenage Engineers needed new, protective, lab coats for the staff and instead of buying generic ones Teenage Engineering’s Founder & Creative Director, Jesper Kouthoofd, turned to his longtime friend Ann-Sofie Back asking Cheap Monday to design a unique coat and additional garments for his team. Cheap Monday took on the challenge and delivered a line of modern denim workwear and T’s for the Engineers. The partnership and collaboration was successful and the natural progression was to find a new route to work together and to bring something fresh and inspiring to both brands’ audiences.

The Pocket Operator project was born, a unique collaboration between the two brands. The marriage of the brand philosophies to make “great products at a great price’’ (Cheap Monday) and “products for everyone, no matter where you live or what language you speak” (Teenage Engineering) has provided the perfect cornerstone for the collaboration as well as acting as inspiration for the design process. With the Pocket Operators, retailing at only £49 each, Cheap Monday and Teenage Engineering are introducing one of the smallest, smoothest and best priced synthesisers ever and all whilst still delivering premium sound, features and effects.

I think this can be the seed to a new movement, at least a new music genre. All thanks to the open minded team at Cheap Monday and Ann-Sofie Back”, says Jesper Kouthoofd, Founder and Creative Director at Teenage Engineering.

With the launch of the Teenage Engineering collaboration, Cheap Monday has now taken a step outside of its core business of jeans and fashion. “It’s great to work with Jesper again, not to mention the rest of the amazing team at Teenage Engineering. In addition to being amazing products in their own right, the Pocket Operators are the perfect addition to the Cheap Monday assortment, fulfilling our brand promise to make great products at a great price”, says Ann-Sofie Back, Creative Director at Cheap Monday.

The Pocket Operators will launch in the UK at the Cheap Monday Store, Carnaby Street on 5th June and are also available online and selected retailers worldwide.


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