In their own words - DOPE is a supplier of attainable luxury to the inspired and inspiring. DOPE is the reflection of a generation that embraces exposure to any form of culture in search of new means of expression. While maintaining a constant sensibility towards simplicity and quality, the evolution of DOPE is as infinite as the evolution of those that wear it. Nothing is off limits, DOPE is Always Inspired.

Their SS15 Delivery 1 celebrates the product of hard work paying off with themes inspired by leisure and luxury. Featuring graphics like Tropics and Waves bring a relaxed aesthetic to the release, while the Ferrucio, Underrated, and Doors Up graphics focus on the finer things in life. A perfect combination of themes, cuts and colours.

My favourite thing about their first delivery is their experimentation with knits and fabrics continues in Summer Delivery 1, this time with a heavy focus on mesh. The Mesh Baseball Jersey, in both black and white would look awesome hung in my wardrobe. You always know a good piece of clothing when you can instantly put together outfits and see how you'd style yourself. The jerseys also allow for creative layering in the heat, while the Illusion Tee brings multiple layers of mesh together to create a never before seen visual effect and texture to streetwear. A really bold and fashion forward move than just demonstrates the rewards for pushing boundaries and experimenting! The collection is tied together with a crisp monochrome palette, excellently finished with a bright citrus yellow.

You can probably tell I like this stuff! Check out some more images below, what are your thoughts?


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